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This is Part the Mist, a podcast hosted by a couple of Druids. Arin and Jonathan are members of Columbia Grove, ADF in Portland, Oregon. They talk about a variety of topics that relate to Druidism and Druidry, including ancestor veneration, nature veneration, reciprocity, ethical behavior at public rituals, and various Hearth Cultures, among a variety of other topics, and they interview other Druids about their experiences and specialties. The show wraps up with a calendar of pagan events in the Pacific Northwest, and a musical piece. Intro music is “Gatekeeper Open the Portals” sung by Kirk Thomas. The hosts are members of Columbia Grove ADF, in Portland, Or.
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Introduction music by Kirk Thomas. Photographs used for podcast cover art and header provided by members of Columbia, ADF.

Jun 1, 2016

Episode 4- ADF Core Order of Ritual, Part 1


This month Jonathan and Arin are joined by Columbia Grove member and officer Glenn. They talk a little about the anticipation of Columbia’s upcoming camping festival “Beyond the Gates”, and the Jonathan’s successful trip to another local camping festival “Beltane in the Grove”.


Stone Circle at Trout Lake Abbey


The main topic of the podcast is the Core Order of the Ritual with ADF: what we do, why we do it, and examples of how to do it, including how Columbia Grove does it. Due to this being a rather large topic to cover, we only covered the first six steps this episode, and plan (hope) to cover the remaining 12 in our next episode.

Our “Deity of the Episode” today was actually the Ancestor kindred. The invocation was written by Diane “Emerald” Vaughn and found in the Member’s section of the ADF website.


Trout Lake Abbey


Link to Trout Lake Abbey pictures on Facebook


Find the video of the quick and dirty version of the COoR, mentioned in the podcast, here.


Find the outline of the Core Order of RItual at (Visible to all):


Find the Core Order of Ritual tutorial (ADF members only):


Trout Lake Abbey- Buddah


Events Calendar



June 5 at 1 PM. World Fish Migration Day and Blessing. Location: Scappoose Bay Paddling Center. Potluck, kayaking, and a walking meditation/ritual and blessing for the fish. 

June 11 at 11 AM. Portland Midsummer Scandinavian Festival. Location: The Oaks Amusement Park 

June 23-26 Sunfest “A Fool’s Journey.” Location: Vernonia Oregon. $90 registration fee. 

June 25. Meet the Goddess Brigid class, and Summer Solstice ritual. $10 suggested donation. Location: If the Broom Fits. 

June 26 at 3:30 PM. Norse Midsummer by Columbia Grove. WHUUF. 



July 7-10. Beyond the Gates Festival.White Mountain Druid Sanctuary Trout Lake, WA. Entry is $50 until June 1st.  

July 9 11 AM-6PM. Summertide’s Afternoon of Sun, Sand, Surf and Psychics. $2 entrance fee. Vendors, Psychics, Healers and food. 

July 14-17. Eight Winds Festival Prosser Reservoir Truckee, CA. Entry is $40.

July 30-July 31. 2nd Annual Wild Woman Camp-Out. $111 registration fee. Location: Ffynnon Sacred Land, Vernonia Oregon. 


Music this episode was brought to you by:

Jenna Greene - Chapel of Wood

Damh the Bard - Cauldron Born

Columbia Grove website is

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