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This is Part the Mist, a podcast hosted by a couple of Druids. Arin and Jonathan are members of Columbia Grove, ADF in Portland, Oregon. They talk about a variety of topics that relate to Druidism and Druidry, including ancestor veneration, nature veneration, reciprocity, ethical behavior at public rituals, and various Hearth Cultures, among a variety of other topics, and they interview other Druids about their experiences and specialties. The show wraps up with a calendar of pagan events in the Pacific Northwest, and a musical piece. Intro music is “Gatekeeper Open the Portals” sung by Kirk Thomas. The hosts are members of Columbia Grove ADF, in Portland, Or.
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Introduction music by Kirk Thomas. Photographs used for podcast cover art and header provided by members of Columbia, ADF.

Nov 17, 2016

Bonus Episode 6- Welcoming the Mighty Dead

Once again, Arin, Jonathan, and Ember, have come together to talk about leading the Welcoming the Mighty Dead ritual, what it entails, and how this unique ritual came to be. We all talk about our experiences in the ritual, and Arin reads a couple accounts from other Grove members who took both an “ancestor” role, and a “demon” role (if you’re confused, I guess that just means you’ll have to listen!) 

Kudo’s go out to everyone involved in this ritual, and to Drea and Mama Gaea/Christina for their written perspectives of the ritual.

If you’re interested in checking out the ritual script, catch it at:

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And listen in again on December 1st, when we talk about the Norse Hearth culture with a special guest! Until then, listeners!
Nov 1, 2016

Episode 9 “Roman Hearth Culture overview”


This month we explore the Roman Hearth Culture with Jonathan. We explore some Roman 101 with thanks to An Introduction to Roman Religion by John Scheid. We talk about the difference between the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, particularly when it comes to religion. We talk about the key concepts of the Roman Religion, and we define some important words within the Roman religion. This hearth culture overview is a little longer than the last episodes have been, so there is no interview this time, but stay tuned for next month, when we’ll be talking about the Norse Hearth Culture and hearing the interview with Kirk Thomas.


Our Deity of the episode today was Mars, god of war. Find out more at


We’re featuring some Roman music this month:

Synaulia - Oraculum

Synaulia - Prayer to Isis


If you are a pagan artist and would like us to play your music, please e-mail us!


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Until next time, listeners.


Events Calendar



Nov 5th: Welcoming the Mighty Dead Ritual @ West Hills Unitarian Universal Fellowship in Portland OR

Nov 5th: Eugene Witch’s Ball. 291 W 8th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401, WOW Eugene Hall in Eugene, OR. Pagan Faire 1-6 PM, Evening Ball 6-10:30 PM.

Nov 6th: 3 PM Feast with the Ancestors in Las Vegas

Nov 11th: 7 PM Grand Opening of the Sacred Well. Located at the Sacred Well 7927 SE 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97202

Nov 19th: 2:30 PM At Hobos Druid Drinks 120 NW 3rd Ave. Portland, OR 97209.