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This is Part the Mist, a podcast hosted by a couple of Druids. Arin and Jonathan are members of Columbia Grove, ADF in Portland, Oregon. They talk about a variety of topics that relate to Druidism and Druidry, including ancestor veneration, nature veneration, reciprocity, ethical behavior at public rituals, and various Hearth Cultures, among a variety of other topics, and they interview other Druids about their experiences and specialties. The show wraps up with a calendar of pagan events in the Pacific Northwest, and a musical piece. Intro music is “Gatekeeper Open the Portals” sung by Kirk Thomas. The hosts are members of Columbia Grove ADF, in Portland, Or.
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Introduction music by Kirk Thomas. Photographs used for podcast cover art and header provided by members of Columbia, ADF.

May 17, 2016

Bonus Episode 2- Beltane, Dance of the Sidhe


Jonathan and Arin get together to talk about how the Columbia Grove Beltane ritual went on April 24th, 2016. Arin co-led this ritual, along with fellow member David. It rained, people danced, and a journalist from the Oregonian showed up.


See the article written about our Beltane at


If you’re interested in seeing our Beltane script, you can find it at


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And stay tuned for our next episode, premiering June 1st, where we talk about the ADF Core Order of Ritual.

May 1, 2016

For this episode, Jonathan and Arin are joined by Chief Druid (and Jonathan’s girlfriend) Ember! They converse a little about some of Isaac Bonewits’ writings, find out more from his website, The three of them talk about what it’s like performing public ritual, and some of their personal favorite public rituals. They also give a little list of “Do’s and Don’t’s” for public ritual behavior, at least according to their personal experience with ritual, both public and private. (This list is not conclusive, and not applicable to all public rites. Fellow ADF member JD Hobbes also wrote an article, not long after this episode was recorded, regarding public ritual etiquette, that can be found at


Ancestor ritual script: HERE

Music today was from Emerald Rose, Fire in the Head, and from Featherscale, Hail and Farewell. Find out more about Emerald Rose from and Featherscale from



May 1st 2:00pm  Eugene Beltane in the Park Sladden City Park Eugene, Oregon 97402

May 6th 7:00pm-9:30pm New Moon AbunDance Dance Ritual SomaSpace, Studio of Movement Arts 4050 NE Broadway St, Portland, Oregon 97232

May 9th 6:00-7:00pm  Exploring World Traditions  Space Spiritual Center 2111 Front St NE Bulding 3 Downstairs Suite, Salem, Oregon 97301

May 8th 2:00pm Columbia Protogrove’s  Druid Drinks! Lucky Labrador on Hawthorne

May 12-15: Beltain in the Grove for tickets

May 8th 2:00pm Columbia Protogrove’s  Druid Drinks! Lucky Labrador on Hawthorne

June 26th 3:30 at WHUUF 8470 SW Oleson Rd, Portland, Oregon 97223

July 7th-10th Beyond the Gates


As always, you can reach us at, find our website at or look us up on iTunes and on Stitcher. Your ratings and reviews are appreciated! And all constructive criticism is taken into account.

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